Saturday, September 18, 2010

Funky Monkey Quilt

Last winter I stumbled across the Funky Monkey quilt pattern. I decided at pretty much first glance that I wanted to make it.  My sister likes sock monkeys so it seemed like it would be a good fit for a quilt for my nephew.  I think the quilt might have been designed to be a wall hanging (it is meant to be 26" x 30").  I decided to make it bigger because I wanted it to be a functional quilt so I enlarged the quilt a bit.   I like the Moda fabrics that the quilt was designed for, but they weren't available locally.  I wanted to be able to buy the fabric locally so I decided to play with texture a bit.  The applique is all made from flannel and the backgrounds are made from quilting cottons. At first, I was disappointed that I couldn't find fabric that mimics the look of a sock monkey, but I really like how the flannel feels.  It was lots of fun to see the quilt take shape as I added the applique pieces.  I quilted in the ditch and around the appliqued pieces because I didn't want to obscure the sock monkey at all.  I was worried that the batting might shift too much with so little quilting so I added some quilting lines radiating out from the monkey.  I found a fun monkey print flannel for the back of the quilt. I really like the orange and turquoise color combination.  I'm glad I went with fabric that I could buy locally.


  1. OH, and if you ever make it again, I have some sock monkey-esque fabric I would be happy to donate to the cause. It is simply languishing in my stash!

  2. Thanks! Perhaps liking the quilt is a sign that you should make your own. It really was great fun to make.

  3. Kieran loves his quilt! He loves playing with the monkeys arms and legs, it's very cute!