Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handmade Holiday Challenge

I like to keep the holidays handmade.  In the past I've left far too much crafting to the last minute.  Hopefully accepting this challenge will keep me from leaving to many projects until the last minute this year!  I'm almost done with my Advent gifts.  I'm excited that I already have 22 of them completed and wrapped.  Last year I was still making them in December.  Are you up for the Handmade Holiday Challenge

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Washcloth Bibs for Little Droolers Tutorial

Bibs may be necessary for babies in their constantly drooling stage, but that shouldn't mean that they have sacrifice style.  One of my favorite wear all day bibs is the washcloth bib. They are inexpensive, quick, and easy to make.

  • One washcloth - this will make two bibs 
  • A piece of bias tape about a foot long 
  • About an inch of velcro
  • Thread - I like it to match the bias tape 
  • General sewing supplies
I like to use washcloths without decorate borders.  When choosing a washcloth fold in half diagonally to  see if you like the way it looks.

Step 1 cut the washcloth in half diagonally

Step 2 fold washcloth in half so the finished edges are touching

Step 3 cut a slight curve - this helps improve the fit of the bib

Step 4 cut a piece of bias tape a bit longer than the cut edge of the washcloth

Step 5 pin the bias tape to the cut edge of the washcloth - taking care to fold under the bias tape at the beginning and end so there aren't any raw edges - if you have a preferred method of attaching bias tape use your preferred method.

Step 6 attach the bias tape - I use a wide zig zag stitch so I'm sure to catch the front and back at the same time

Step 7 Attach velcro  - I sew around the square of velcro and then sew an x to make sure it is really secure. Notice the placement of the velcro on square on the left top one on the right back

 Step 8 Round the edges of the velcro to get rid of any pointy edges

Enjoy the fact that your wee ones can be cute and dry! They're fun to make!  I'd love to see yours if you make any.  Please let me know if you run into any difficulties with this tutorial.