Friday, February 4, 2011

The Rumpelstiltskin Challenge Week 3

This week I made a pair of pants from some water resistant fabric.  I'm not sure how useful they will be, but I thought they might be nice when my nephew plays at the water table or is out and about in rainy weather.
Ages ago I saw a cool fabric mailbox tutorial on Givers Log.  Thinking about what red things I could make got me thinking about Valentine's Day.  I've seen lots of fun Valentine's Day mail pouches in blog posts lately.  I thought about making one of them and then remembered the mailbox tutorial and decided to give it ago.
I made some modifications to allow me to complete the project without buying anything new. 
I sewed the flag to the mailbox.
I used Velcro as closure for the mailbox.
I used a place-mat that I had on hand rather than use plastic canvas.
I really enjoyed the tutorial. I found that the template didn't want to print at the correct size for me.  That was easily remedied by copying and pasting the template into word so that I could enlarge it.  I needed a bit more fabric than the tutorial called for.  If you follow the tutorial, and I recommend that you do, I suggest that you place your plastic canvas pieces before cutting your fabric. 

I don't have much red fabric in my stash so I started a project with some red paper.   I didn't finish this week and likely won't for quite a while.  Can you guess what it will be when it is done? 


  1. The Valentine's box is awesome!

  2. Those pants and mailbox look great!

  3. I love love love that mailbox! It is so sweet!

  4. You are doing such a great job with this challenge! Everything you make is great!!

  5. Very cool ideas. I especially love your mailbox! Another thing for my to-do list. Thanks for the link.