Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Crafting to Do list.

The other day I turned my calendar from June to August.  I'm wondering what happened to July.  I've been busy with work and other commitments and haven't had much time to be crafty.  I think I'll be able to carve out some August crafty time.  My sister had a baby girl this weekend so now I can add some baby girl projects to my to do list. 

I'm thinking about making some girly onesies.  I really love the idea of adding a doily at the neckline.  My sister asked for a onesie with a fabric necklace.  I'll make one of those but I also love this idea for a fabric paint necklace.  I plan to take some slightly stained onesies and dye them.  I love playing with dye.  Do you have any other great baby girl onesie suggestions? 

As she has a big brother and will likely wear a lot of his hand-me-downs I think it will be fun to make her a bunch of hair bows. Does anybody have any favorite tutorials?
Her big brother is fond of bags and back packs lately.  I'm planing to make him a messenger bag and a backpack.  Hopefully I can make the messenger bag look boyish.  I haven't done bags for boys before. 

Big brother has grown out of his hooded bath towel so I'd love to make him a new one.  I want to make it super cool so he won't be sad about sharing his favorite towel with his little sister.

What's on your crafty to-do list?

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