Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Messenger Bag for Bug

When I noticed how much Bug liked playing with my bag I thought it would be a good idea to make him one of his own. I followed the kid's small messenger bag tutorial from  Craft Buds.  Bug seems to love the bag.  I think it is a nice size for a toddler.  I used a yard of webbing for the strap.  It is a smidge longer than might be ideal. When Bug first unwrapped the bag he put it on and immediately took off for a trip to the "store" followed by several trips to the "museum".  I love that he can put the bag on independently and  open the flap to take out his treasures.


  1. What a great bag! I'm sure he loves it.

  2. He sure does love it! It has gone to school many times. He is very proud of it. It is much better than a backpack for an almost 2 year old. He can put the bag on himself but not the small backpack. He keeps his "treasures" in it!

  3. that's so cute! it's just his size! i would love it if you linked some of your darling creations up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party.